October 30, 2020

Can present day photography recreate old style paintings and be a way to express old Celtic traditions in a contemporary way?

Beth McBride, 22

The making of this image came about when I was inspired by and wanted to create a traditional old masters style painting using the contemporary medium of digital photography, to reflect my interest in history and the museum archive in which paintings are prevalent. The subject choice of this image was that of celebrating the traditional Celtic New Year Samhain by using items that represent the harvest and the festival, by using a classical painting approach with a modern medium. I feel that photography changed the art world as it became a way of capturing art in a new approach and also was a new way of documenting – the camera can be seen as an archival tool. However, within modern day, paintings could be seen as “bygone”, as photography is the genre that is most modern and accessible. Due to this, I wanted to recreate historical forms of artistry by using a modern piece of equipment; the digital camera, so that both forms of art can be appreciated together and by incorporation of a festival that was practiced long ago and still is today.

Samhain - Summer's End., 2020Photography12x12in