April 26, 2021

Can Positive, Celebratory, Empowering, Uplifting Eco-Lyrics Help Global Cultural Change?

Ann Palmer

Eco-lyrics Set To Out-Of-Copyright SongsEcoSongs: A spiritual-Secular Mix To Restore The Earth To Our Hearts., 2020

I have a crazy personal ambition to ecologise the world’s song-base. It would be good to get help from other eco-lyricists, as there have been a lot of songs written, in humanity’s all-time. By playing on the secular/spiritual divide with a single focus on the Earth, our collective shared life-support system, I hope to dissolve a few human-made and unhelpful barriers on the way, a multi-effectual task. When I wrote my first EcoSong, which was actually an EcoCarol – ‘Trees of Earth’ to the tune of ‘We Three Kings of Orient Are’ – I didn’t think I would ever write another one. It was such a strange process and one that felt so weird; re-imaging, re-imagining and re-presenting the past as if Earth and our relationship to nature mattered more than any human issue. Now there are 80 EcoSongs, 40 recorded by various artists, ranging from children’s choirs to professional singers. The span is wide – from the Beatles ‘Love me do’ to ‘Ave Maria’. The only ‘restriction’ on this initiative is the songs I ecologise must be out of copyright. Positive, celebratory, uplifting, empowering eco-lyrics are the guiding light of every EcoSongs I write.