July 31, 2019

Can Pop Music be self-satirizing?

Raoul MacCamley, 24

The work, “Wait a Minute”, is a satirical take on common lyrical trends in contemporary Pop Music. 28 different questions to a fictional interlocutor comprise the two verses – they are uninterested, aimless and play on overused Pop Music tropes such as party culture, flirtatious behaviour and materialism.

These unanswered, capricious questions paint a superficial sheen that gives a shallow sense of meaning to the song, reflective of bland and repetitive lyrical trends in contemporary Pop Music.

The music itself is catchy and fast-paced, offering a lively distraction from the confusing sense of the sung verses, and the confident chorus is designed to tempt the listener into consuming the song as they would any other Pop Song, subverting any perceived secondary meaning. This is to say that the lyrical content of the song is not explicitly critical, rather it constitutes a satirical picture by exaggerating cultural clichés.

Wait a Minute, 2019Audio (Studio Recording) + Illustration (Cover Artwork)Audio runtime is 3:39, Illustration is 1000 x 1000 pixels