November 4, 2019

Can photography be art?

Jade Scott, 26

I have been photographing objects and people since I was 16 years old. I have finished my HND in photography and had a child and passed my degree in art (bachelors) I now work in an unrelated job from my creativity. I love art and photography. But photography being my favourite. People see photography as its own subject. A lot don’t see it as art. But I do. I love collections and multiples of images. I’m currently working in a series of minimalistic objects nothing exciting but small treasure of urban landscapes. There’s not much in the image but the way they are displayed and set out. There’s something pleasing and satisfying in the way they look. It’s something I enjoy and is therapeutic and exciting when I find these simple looking treasures. They are nearly empty but full.

A series, 2017Photography