July 30, 2020

Can Peace and Happiness be found or only imagined?

Lenny Lane, 56

The underlying value of this entry lies in the essence or context of its interpretation. To successfully render the appropriate mood, it was important that each element of the design contributed a role in capturing a pivotal experience and the overall experience. Creative liberty was employed to question and evaluating each drawn component. Important considerations were weighed to meet the final goal and subsequently shared impression: structure/layout, scale that embraces viewer (8 panel polyptrych), muted colour palette, valuable use of white space, a blue stream that runs through each panel – metaphorically, the glue that binds us together. The resulting image contributes to the awakening of the senses: exposure, fragility, vulnerability, possibly even thoughts about survival. Conversely, it’s also found to trigger a deeper sense of self-discovery, an undisturbed and personal safe space, unperturbed by sound or presence, beyond reach of the unpredictable nature of everyday life. The message’s subliminal interpretation of Peace and Happiness, found or imagined, ultimately lies in the mind of the viewer.

Serenity, 2017Linocut8 panels each 35" x 9" (280" x 5")