September 12, 2019

Can our welfare state survive under Tory Britain?

Bee Parkinson - Cameron, 26

This entry explores our political system and the decline of the welfare state and the NHS since it was implemented in 1948. With all of the cuts to budgets and the austerity that we have been experiencing as a nation, the question on everyone’s lips (apart from Brexit of course) is whether our welfare state can survive under a Tory Britain that is seemingly hell-bent on destroying all of the privileges that we enjoy in Britain; free healthcare, a benefits system.

This entry addresses some of the negative feelings that we are experiencing in our country in the wake of MP’s expenses scandals, sex abuse rings and seemingly inept politicians who take for granted the will of the people and what we all, at our core, want in our life. In this entry, there is a notion of uprising which I have likened to the growing move towards independence across the country, both Scottish and Brexit. This piece is not intended to be inflammatory but rather to be an expression of dissatisfaction across the whole country and a reminder to our MP’s, MSP’s and MEP’s that our voices are what matters and that we can see the truth now.

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