January 31, 2022

Can Our Stories Be Rewritten by the Gaining of Insight and a Consequent Change in Our Perception?

Daniel Nagy


Vaguely depicting one out of countless instances in history of oppression and enforced separation, this story, like a magnifying glass in motion, looks at the consequences of these events on nations, communities, individuals and families. History books inform us of the abstract – a thought to be admired or an act to be despised. But behind every misfortune of a nation, there are groups of individuals that are pushed into a well of despair. And as human lives are everything but abstract, people – present and future – pay the price by having their rights, time and opportunities restricted in a disproportionate and unjust manner.

The idea of a worthy, content life, one that can stimulate growth and project happiness, requires a set of steady pillars, whether it is a parent that supports and believes in us, or a country that welcomes us without prejudice and nurtures our goals by providing opportunities and allowing participation.

Insight into various dimensions of our fate, and the objective consideration of it, can be a method to rise from the well of despair and rewrite the stories we falsely believed to have been set in stone.