February 5, 2021

Can Our Globe Be Bright And Shiny?

charles smith

Britannia SilverGlobe Bowl With Celtic Knotwork Chasing, 2018

I wanted to make something which would sit unaided, on its own, be relevant to others and relate to people past and present, and future too. A sphere, like a globe seemed to me to be right. So too the celtic chased decoration. Four panels. Hold the globe bowl and it becomes warm and comforting.

You almost embrace it. And then you smile. Warm and smiley. How cheery is that? And if this little globe helps to link us to our bigger globe, even subconsciously and want to keep it bright and shiny that seems to me to be worthwhile. I make this and others in my shed, using traditional silversmithing methods. You don’t need a large space to make nice things. You need some skill, time and patience; and a bit of “can do”. It brightens up your world, whoever you are.