April 24, 2021

Can Our Brain Process The Bunch Of Overlapped Images And Data In The Age Of The Flood Information?

Hongil Yoon

Digital ArtLines And Light, 2021297 x 420 (cm)

These digital arts are about the way of consuming images in the digital age. We are consuming a bunch of images and information through the various function of image perception technologies. People are using the images and information of images in the flood of data on 24 hours and seven days. Sometimes we are addicted to the fascination of information, and our brain can’t handle all of the images we try to consume. We can instantly get lots of information but can’t remember all of them. I took the street light and lines in Glasgow City Centre, United kingdom and express my feelings about the fast perception of images. Our identity wanders as the ghastly images through our empty perception of images and space.