January 5, 2021

Can Noticing Good News Inspire Happiness During Adversity?

Alexandra Nanthakumaran

DecoupageCan Noticing Good News Inspire Happiness During Adversity?, 2021

I collect newspapers to mark current events, but as those of 2020 gathered unopened, I wondered what the point was.

It is interesting to read these accounts years down the line, with incredulity, nostalgia, knowledge that it all turned out OK. But surely, they must also offer something now. There is so much sad, scary news.

But there is also news of success, happiness, fantastic stories with ‘only in a pandemic’ character that can help lift our chins and spark our humour.

I made these articles into a scrap-object, a tangible testimony to the events we are living through.

I chose a house, as this is our world for much of the pandemic, and our very idea of home is being questioned. Is our place of retreat even more welcoming? Or is our convenient city base now a constraining box for our worries?

Initially I added the daily briefings, concerns, uncertainties. Then, over the top, I added stories of achievement, coming together, acts of kindness, the fun that created the lighter side of 2020. As well as being uplifting to create, it is a palpable reminder of the fighting positivity and humanity that moves us forwards out of uncertainty.