May 1, 2020

Can music promote interfaith tolerance?

Sarah Ayoub | Laura Ayoub, 24

CompositionCall to Prayers (A Message of Unity), 2017

Call to Prayers is a composition for orchestra, piano & cello. The piece is inspired by the evocative chants from the Coptic Orthodox liturgy (Christian faith) and the beautifully haunting Adhan (Islamic Call to Prayer). Born in Glasgow to Egyptian parents, we were baptised in the Coptic Church and frequently visited our family in Cairo. We were immediately greeted by the Adhan, which would sound five times a day, greatly intriguing our musical ears. In 2017, we transcribed the Adhan and recorded it for cello and the Coptic Orthodox chants for piano – intertwining the two themes for the very first time. The inspiration behind ‘Call to Prayers’, was to exemplify a way in which these faiths can shine when they coexist together; especially when we live in a world full of prejudice, intolerance and hatred. Music is the universal language, so we wanted to create a piece carrying an important message of acceptance, peace and most importantly, unity; at a time when these basic principals are constantly being tested. We hope our composition can open the hearts and minds of our listeners uniting us in a triumphant and powerful way with a message of hope to the world.