July 14, 2020

Can Mother Nature heal the tortured man and lead him to his true (GOD) self?

Bobby Bulloch | Melissa McMillan, 30 | Jonathan Kennedy, 39 | Bobby Brown, 60 | Graham Williamson, 41 | Hammy Bulloch, 43 | Steven Brownlie, 37 | Wully Ingles, 42 | Dougie Hotdog, 43

Beautiful Psycho, 2020

The idea behind Beautiful Psycho comes from personal observations and experiences of toxic masculinity in lower socio-economic areas of Central Scotland. The male psyche can be destructive and chaotic. This may be due to lack of opportunities for personal growth which leads him down a path of crime and violence. Surviving these extremes leads to a suppression of the female aspect of the psyche, creating inner conflict and mental and spiritual imbalance. The man lost in despair and at odds with himself must be lead back to Nature to heal and become one with his true (God) self. The music video was filmed in and around Larkhall by a small team of local creatives. Our work and ideas have been greatly influenced by the abundance of nature we have here. We feel others struggling with their mental and spiritual wellbeing would benefit greatly by taking themselves back into nature. Beautiful Psycho aims to provoke thought through avant-garde and surrealist imagery, leaving much of the symbolism open to interpretation.