The story behind the image is from my home town of Linlithgow. A starving man is caught stealing bread from the palace, his punishment is to be chained to an Island on the loch to starve to death. Miraculously he survive for many months much to the guards’ confusion. Eventually it was discovered his black female greyhound had been bringing bread to him. When she was caught they chained her to the opposing island to watch each other starve. It is the loyalty of the female greyhound “Black Bitch” that the people of Linlithgow symbolise and embrace from this story. As even though there actions were breaking the law there intent was of necessary survival with no ill will. Just as we hear similar stories in today’s society when people are left with no other option yet are persecuted and punished unjustly. Particularly in today’s society with all the shades of grey brought by poverty, war, illness and many other social issues can morality ever be black or white?


The Stranded Dog
Screen print
29.7 x 29.7cm