January 30, 2019

Can lingerie truly empower women?

Vivienne Lynch


This image features my brand ‘Miss Vivienne’s’ new Autumn/Winter collection. The brand ethos is to bring women together and to empower them through creativity and a sense of community. The brand is inclusive of every woman no matter their size, shape, ethnicity or social situation. The collection features lingerie suitable for women post mastectomy and nursing bralettes for new mums who are struggling to find nursing lingerie they actually want to wear.

But do these women truly feel empowered with it on? Yes!

All women that participated in my shoot were originally very apprehensive and nervous about displaying their bodies so openly. However after putting on their lingerie and getting to know each other there was an overwhelming sense of community in the room. We laughed, danced and talked about our previous experiences with lingerie. We agreed that well fitting, beautiful lingerie can bring out the inner strength and empowerment we have lost somewhere along way. I think the image I have submitted displays this well. You can see women who have never met before coming together and celebrating each other. Each woman has an inspiring smile on her face and as much as the purpose of the shoot is to showcase the new lingerie, I feel this image instead perfectly showcases the essence of womanhood and self empowerment. Everyone left the shoot feeling like a new woman. An important, beautiful, strong and independent woman.


Every piece is designed and handmade by myself in my home studio in the Scottish Borders.

Autumn/Winter 18/19