No Act of Kindness, No Matter how Small, is Ever Wasted,

A BEACON OF LOVE AND KINDNESS: My entry communicates the love and admiration I have for my mother, an ordinary working class woman who was inherently good and kind. Kate was a beacon of love she shone a warm light in the dingy tenement we lived in all those years ago. No one was ever turned away at our door, money was in short supply in the 50’s but we were taught to share what we had, Kate, my mother, led by example, she was inspirational and I am proud to say many people loved and respected Kate. The Glasgow Author Denise Mina was asked about an Inspirational woman in her life and she chose Kate, my mum’s name is now in the Scottish Parliament as part of an art installation and Denise chose this quote, “when confronted by the dusty skirting Kate explained her mind was on ‘higher things’. If we all followed Kate’s example then the world would be a better place, filled with love, compassion and generosity.” Rereading this if my Mother was still alive she would tell me not to be a auld ‘plaster’ and tell me not to be so daft!