January 31, 2021

Can Internal Freedom Co-Exist With External Restrictions?

Eleanor Reid

SongIn My Mother's Living Room, 2021

‘In My Mother’s Living Room’ is a song I composed and recorded in September 2020, after turning 50.

We are all experiencing restrictions, loneliness and distance from our loved ones not to mention restrictions of health.

At this inflection point in my life, I wanted to explore our inner space and inner freedom to roam across time and space to connect our past, present and future; the Mother I lost, the daughter I was, the Mother I’ve become, the student I have been and the Teacher, Musician and Songwriter I am as I face a future with uncertainty but with experience and hope.

‘In My Mother’s Living Room’ speaks of the ties that bind us all to our Mothers and their Mothers before them; the song points to a time in life when our parents’ front room was the whole universe, bringing reflections as an adult on the expansive power of imagination to take us beyond our constrictions and asking the questions… Can our inner world be free of outer influence?

Can our memories buoy us or do they weigh ( or anchor ) us? Can internal freedom co-exist with external restrictions?