October 30, 2020

Can images help us escape from reality?

Rosalind Main

Photography and Installation WorkDream Spaces, 2020

During my Masters this year at Edinburgh College of Art I explored themes surrounding Social Media, Body Image and Escapism in my work. Specialising in Photography, I used my experience as a fashion model and body inclusivity activist to put myself in the centre of my photographs. Social media is a huge part of today’s society; apps and filters are available at the touch of a button to transport you to a place you’ve never been before or to a place you would like to revisit. My work in early 2020 examined filters and escapism as I photographed myself in the public domain for exhibitions at the Art School, as the severity of covid and lockdown increased I found myself trying to escape within images from places id once been but can no longer to to because of the restrictions. Using images and projecting them onto myself I am escaping from the covid reality into a ‘dream space’ – which is the name of the series. In each image I am losing myself more and more until I am seen as only a few shapes as a way to break away from being recognised into something else more obscure.