OilCan I Survive This?, 2021

I imagine most have us have asked whether we can survive this at some stage, particularly during a global pandemic. As we face what we must, the challenge to survive feels equally monumental to each of us: whether child birth; exam; cancer; divorce or the end of the world as we know it. We realise that there’s no other choice but to keep going; we may be changed but we will get through; some things are beyond our control and all we can do is accept that and hold on tight. The idea that we are not in control can be shocking and frightening. Personally I came to understand that control is something of a fallacy, we fool ourselves into thinking our lives can be sculpted. This past year their have been times when I’ve looked around at the surreal world we now find ourselves in, feeling as though I’m part of a budget horror film. Throughout it all my daughter has stubbornly clung to her plan to become a windsurf instructor and I have found myself in awe of my blood facing her demons, celebrating each victory, readying herself to face the next mountain of water she meets.