AnimationIn Limbo, 20204096 × 2160

Your stomach can influence your thinking extensively. Chemicals in your gut are just as influential on your lifestyle as your brain, completely altering human behavior and can be the cause of anxiety, stress, or depression. So an invisible illness that affects your gut microbiome can have a major effect on your mental health, without an explanation or you understanding it yourself. I made this work to conceptualize my trauma so I can begin to recover. I wanted to explore the relationship your mind has with your body, how this effects the way you perceive yourself, and how it made me feel internally. I struggle with stomach problems and I think it was also important, for myself and others, to create a visual representation of how I feel; expressing these feelings that others cannot see or understand. It allows people around me to relate to how I’m feeling as illness is a universal struggle that everyone has dealt with in some form.