Collage And Mixed MediaCan I Give Without Taking?, 202112cm x 12cm unframed

Can I give without taking? 2021. Covid-19. Care homes. Nothing in, nothing out. Access denied. Streisand singing “You don’t bring me flowers, anymore…” – an earworm loop to keep the guilt company. How to explain their absence? Dementia sucks. You used to bring me flowers. Now I see no flowers. Reuse, recycle, use less, create more. Use what you have. Be bold. Dare to experiment and believe. If they laugh at it, at least they ARE laughing, right? The type of laughter matters not…not when there is not long left to laugh. Hothouse flowers, forced on in regimented lines, soil continually depleted…the airmails, the impact add up – the maths is broken. Dutch fields riot with colour; underneath, the soil stripped, harvests worth less than £2 a bunch in Lidl. Such fleeting filthy ugly beauty. Dulux colour charts. Already printed, perused, shelved…every colour of the rainbow…each carefully named, coded…but trapped in a 3cm x 6.5cm rectangle, begging for rebirth. And so it begins. A weekly emailed offering, sculpted from those charts, reflecting the changing season outside that care home window. Delivered via Microsoft Windows until the rules allow in person visiting – with or without flowers – pictures of love.