January 20, 2020

Can I Do This?

Gail Goodall, 45

From start to finish, the same question remained, “Can I do this?” My sister eloped to Hawaii and you see the happy couple in the attached photo. On receiving this, the question related to my own options of getting wed, “Should we do this?” However I chose this image to put to a brief in college, of using light and colour through glass. Now raising the question in a different context. Only ever designing one other stained glass panel before, solo, I wanted to show my style in a new way but confidence was at the forefront. This college piece was due to be graded but illness got in the way, deadlines were getting close, strength getting weaker, the focus of the question changing again. “Can I finish this?” To most people this panel reflects weddings. To me this panel reflects the question, from the point of seeing the photo, to using this design, and then right through to completion – that question remained pinned to my consciousness, being the devil of my driving force trying hard to make me stop and give up, admit defeat. But I wanted to prove, “I can do this”…and I did!

Can I Do This?, 2018Stained Glass600mm diameter