January 13, 2020

Can I dance my pain?

Iraya Noble

videoBlack Hole, 2019

Black hole is the result of a break-up. It’s an intimate dance of pain and sorrow. A dance of denial, guilt, and fear (lot of fear) of being alone. We all have been there, in the deep darkness of ourselves. I wanted to share my dark and intimate process of dealing with pain. Hopefully this will serve as an inspiration for people to see that creativity can be a great therapy for difficult times, and that it can take us to interesting and unknown places within ourselves, if we allow it. As a dancer I wanted to create something that would allow me to use movement to express and share my deepest feelings. I felt the need to make something creative with the whole process I was going through, I wanted to use my broken heart and turn it into something creative. I wanted to transform the pain into art, without expecting a particular outcome and most importantly, without being judgmental. Whether this work is good or not, this is not for me to decide. It is what it is.