April 30, 2021

Can I Create a World Where I Can Belong and Feel Protected?

Basak Cansu Guvenkaya

SculptureProtectors, 2021

As an artist I’m looking for a place where I can feel that I belong; my travels made me face my fears and worries about the future, which threatened my aspirations to exist as an artist. Therefore, I decided to create my own world, myself. Nowadays, as contemporary humans become more and more individualistic in the name of liberty, they cannot avoid the inevitability that being free and individual as a person, also brings loneliness and fear; and my artworks suggest a playful and colourful way to oppose this situation. My sculptures and paintings work like a charm. They clear a path to reinterpreting guardianship – the original intent of sculptures and paintings in many cultures – in the present day. These kinetic sculptures are interactive; can be activated by their viewer. They push the dangerous ones out of itself, scares them away with their bright colours, just like how poisonous animals defend themselves. I tear the viewer away from the real world and switch them to the playful space that I create. My artworks embody an expression and a protection against evils of the world, creating a space where evil and fear do not exist; it’s an imaginary world of its own.