April 29, 2020

Can I be the mother my children need in the midst of this pandemic?

Sylvia Macfarlane, 48

These are unprecedented times and we are all struggling with this new normal. What it means to be a mother has changed. Lockdown, home schooling, isolation, going to work in such dangerous times and coming home to our children. How do we support them in such challenging circumstances? In my case, this has been especially difficult because my children and I were present at the Manchester Arena when the bombing took place in 2017. The impact of the trauma is still with us. My girls both struggle with post traumatic stress and my son has severe anxiety and depression. I wrote this poem as a response to all of this, trying to make sense of my new feelings of panic and uncertainty in the face of this pandemic. It gives me hope and perhaps it can inspire other mothers in these difficult days. Together with our children we can all come out the other side into whatever new world awaits us.

Broken, Poetry