October 15, 2019

Can I be free from oppression?

Rita Meireles, 23

The aim of this film is to show how, even if the world seems black and white, one can always find a way to set oneself free.

Someone told me once that a good story has a piece of the creator, I came to find out that this is correct.

When I was young, my mother was fired and stayed at home for 12 years. There was always some conflicts because my mother was was used to having her own independence. As I grew, I always remember thinking it was so unfair that only women should be responsible for taking care of the household. What shaped our culture like this? What I discovered during research is that it goes all the way back to evolution, to the men as the strongest who would provide for the tribe but lately with a rise in feminist movements and activism the world has been shifting.

When I started working on the film, there were some very clear ideals of freedom and self-empowerment, but after all the research, it is very clear to me that this short film is a critique to the old patriarchal values and supports female empowerment as well as self-empowerment. Even if the world is against us, we as individuals have the power to make our own life different.

Life Could be a Dream, 2019Film, 2D Digital animationscreen ratio 16:9