August 17, 2021

Can Humour Be Used to Describe the Horrific?

Joseph Ridgwell

FictionLeaving Kafr el-Sheikh, 2021

In my short story – Leaving Kafr el-Sheik – I have infused humour into a story that is essentially a compelling fictional account of a modern day tragedy. A modern day tragedy that continues to play itself out on a weekly, monthly, basis, while the world sits around and does nothing. The underlying message is that, if we continue to sit around and do nothing then innocent people will continue to die. I feel it is important for writers to write about these subjects, but I also feel it is vital that the reader is entertained and illuminated whilst reading about a subject that is often suppressed or worse totally ignored by the arts. Writing may not be able to change the world, but it can shed light onto subject matters that many find challenging to confront, and would one feels, like brushed under the proverbial carpet.