January 31, 2021

Can Human Architecture Fit The Patterns Of Nature?

Marius Alexander

Digital Print From Multiple PhotographsArchiSpiral No.3, 2019

I love exploring Photography’s essential qualities of endless repetition, enlargement and reduction of an image.

The idea of using the photograph as a medium in itself, Here, on exploring Architecture; and by printing, measuring, reducing, printing, cutting, pasting and repeatedly repeating; I discovered natural forms emerged.

Not computer generated but crafted, Revealing to me a new insight into seeing how our constructed world fits in to Nature. I would like to show how perspective and imagination can reveal the organic potential of our rectangular environment, and show how we are always part of Nature.

This is part of a large series, and I would like to explore this further by moving these discoveries into the sculptural. To find out what 3D forms will emerge from the buildings of Edinburgh. Also to construct shapes from architectural details that the audience can play with ~ can deconstruct and reassemble in multiple combinations, creating an almost infinite possibility of new patterns and shapes.