September 2, 2019

Can honest music allow others to feel felt?

Nicky Murray

CD/Download/Streaming/VideoBefore You (a song from my record Wintermore), 2018

This song is from my record ‘Wintermore’ my personal biggest achievement to date. It is a collection of 5 songs that I had written between 2014 and 2018. The main subject is love, in it’s many forms: romantic, family, love for the planet/environment, love for friendship etc. I studied writing, composition, recording, and releasing independently in great depth in order for this project to happen.

It is my hope that writing these songs will help others empathise with their own feelings about love. I feel that in these times, love is a vital ting that we need to nourish and strengthen.

Along with the songs, I also composed music for an accompanying string section, and vocal harmonies. This was somewhat out of my depth and was my first go at such an endeavour, but I believe that the music that accompanies the songs is perfect and is key in the delivery of the work. I feel that the music is the reason that the songs hit people the way they do.

Each artist I chose to work with was selected very carefully, each of them brings something unique and vital to the table. I feel extremely privileged to work with them.