January 10, 2020

Can Happy Endings Sometimes Be Sown In The Seeds Of Psychosis?

Robbie Handy, 43

From the vantage point of what feels like the pinnacle of my personal happiness, in this short, true story I reflect on a battle with depression that has lasted most of my adult life and consider whether the psychosis I suffered as a young man set off a chain of events which ultimately led to my life feeling happier and more fulfilled than it might have been otherwise. Arguably, some of the factors that fed my delusions eventually fuelled my recovery and directed me towards a safe destination. This proposal might apply in particular to my longstanding interest in the mix of humanism and spirituality found in Rastafarianism. No one would choose to become mentally ill – it’s devastating to the individual and the people around them, and tragically, many of us don’t survive the experience. But sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to have enough love and support, and some weird twists of fate steer you the right way, happy endings are possible. NB- accompanying photo is view from Pinnacle in St Catherine, Jamaica.

Pinnacle, 2020Short story