April 20, 2021

Can Grief Cause Psychiatric Disorders?

Fhionna McGeechan

Short StoryOne Is All You Need, 2021

I wrote this piece of fiction because mental health can rip families apart and is still largely misunderstood. The sudden loss of a loved one, for example, can trigger a variety of psychiatric disorders in people with no history of mental illness. There can be a significant loss of sense of self and loss of ability for self-reflection. I chose to write the short story in a first person narrative style. I believe it can show the inner workings of the mind, allowing the reader to ‘be’ the protagonist. This enables a sense of urgency; for the reader to fully understand and feel what the character feels. The story is uncomfortable. My intention is to evoke emotion, of some kind. I trust in the importance for others, whether they be parents, a neighbour, work colleagues, or a GP, to be able to recognise the possible signs of change in mental health and know how to act on them. Signs include: depression, excessive use of alcohol, and post-traumatic stress; feelings of isolation, irritability, anger, lack of concentration, guilt and shame.