July 31, 2020

Can fragmentation help find wholeness?

Emily Rizza

Spoken WordLearning through Integrative Practice; Emergence from Emergency, 2020

My video reflects an eight-month period of Learning through Integrative Practice, a component of my MSc in Transpersonal Psychology; in essence the study of consciousness, human potential and spirituality within a psychological framework. LIP is the cultivation of differentiated personal practices within the realms of mind, body, emotional, spiritual and relational awareness. Looking at the separate parts of self that make up the whole, it becomes clearer to see where strengths lie and nourishment is required. I designed my personal programme to honour sovereignty to love and liberate from the confines of shame; to nurture evolving relationships with my mental health, spirituality, body, family, environment and community. Trusting in the transformative healing powers of creativity, embodied movement, self-acceptance and compassion, LIP gifted me the framework and opportunity to work through a psycho-spiritual crisis I’d kept shrouded in secrecy and begin to open up about the experience. Drawn to experiment with spoken word, my piece is a synthesis of journal extracts and footage from my practices, layered over track “Illuminar” described by the artist as “the illuminated space within the sanctity of the heart” (Poranguì, 2016). I share this snapshot of my story and vulnerability in the hope that it resonates.