January 21, 2020

Can experiential art-making help reverse our inherited epigenetics?

Rhonda Peebles

Painting, PhotographyCan experiential art-making help reverse our inherited epigenetics?, 201920 x 40

We have been designed through DNA and epigenetics to be 100% unique. What did we genetically inherit and what are we passing on to future generations? A key to unlocking a deeper understanding of self is to learn our personal genetic history and subconscious emotions. There is increasing interest in investigating the connection genetics have to conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. One of the inherited traumatic experiences that may have been passed on to me through epigenetics is the subject of my entry. My photo/painting is an experiential interpretation of complex grief. My grandmother’s life was tragically interrupted by the devastating loss of her young husband in a coal mining accident. The image expresses the darkness and shock of a sudden death. Art-making when working from a subconscious level is inseparable from spirituality and can transcend us into the supernatural realm of life. I have been working therapeutically with photography for many years and have seen how emotional shifts in the subconscious can change a person’s perspective, thought patterns and outlook on life. With continued research, creative art-making may be scientifically proven to be an effective way to heal physical and mental health issues.