October 19, 2018

Can everyday life ever be classed as ‘art’?

Christina Webber


Born from creative frustration and a feeling of situational staleness, this body of work seeks to transform the artist’s attitude toward the everyday. Photographically the images capture the cyclical flatness of a typical working week – but by using analogue printing and colouring techniques these scenes are elevated into something illusory. Through this process the artist confronts her expectations of adulthood and society’s ideas of what art is. What remains is a document of the interim between youth and adulthood, and a wider reflection upon what we consider beautiful, successful and appropriate.

Project Title: Another Colouring Book
Dimensions of frames: 335 x 286 mm
Dimensions of artwork: 8×10″ (hand-coloured silver gelatin prints)


See more of Christina’s work at:
@christinawebber (instagram)
@christinawphoto (twitter)