July 30, 2021

Can Ethics Overcome Human Desire?

Iona Brown

Steel, Paint, Pearls, Fabric, Goose Feathers, Goose Eggs, Natural Flora, Wire2021120cm x 100cm (HxW)

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on sculpture. I visually interpret my research through selective mediums and techniques, specifically those of contrasting beauty and brutality. Portraying spaces of uncertainty and vulnerability, which may feel uncomfortable to witness. My work focuses on birds and their symbolic power as ornaments of desire. I seek to reveal the cruel manner in which humans domesticate, objectify and hold animals hostage as decorations within their homes. This work explores the nature of the down feather industry, with a defined interest in the welfare of geese and live-plucking. I expose the conflicting relationship humans have with desire and ethics. The piece is both beautiful and confrontational as it encapsulates fragments of nature in a space between comfort and vulnerability. I approach my selected mediums and techniques with conscious gentleness to expose the fragility of my subject matter. The work provides a platform for discussion on the gap between human consumerism and the welfare of geese. It is important and valuable in raising awareness of the down feather industry, while questioning human reasoning and ethics while under the influence of desire. The piece is found to leave the viewer in conflict of shock and awe.