January 31, 2019

Can equality be achieved when peer shaming prevails?

David Grimm


This entry explores the value of mutual and equal respect. As a man in Scottish society, it is important that I act vigilantly in my approach to women. Women are equal and deserve to be treated as such, but are women treating each other with the respect they deserve? and can equality in society exist while infighting and public doubt exists? Too often I have heard women doubting another woman’s claims of abuse, mistreatment or simply shaming them for being unhappy. This shame is implied purely as it’s not the experience those women have had. Both men and women should be working together to empower women everywhere, not belittling their experiences or causing them embarrassment. This piece aims to encourage thoughts and discussion around how prevailing peer shaming is within society.


Female Solidarity
Digital canvas, pen and oil.
297 x 210mm

I am very new to my artistic tastes, and expression. Any work that I have done until now has revolved around social issues or issues I deem important enough to be drawn as an instrument of discussion. As I say though, I am very new to creative work and as such I am still finding my own approach.

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