January 16, 2020

Can Empathy alone change ours and others lives?

Michael Tomkinson

PhotographyCan Empathy alone change ours and others lives?, 2020Social, Spiritual, Humanity

I was 13 years old and visiting Calcutta, India with my grandparents. This is the day I would look at the world in a very different way. I met Saint Mother Teresa. I witnessed Empathy of the highest order. Drug abusers, prostitutes, lepers, orphans and people who were lost in the journey of life, all came to Saint Mother Teresa for help and support. Was her notability why people flocked to her? Or is it that people with any problem, just needing someone to help, listen, be there for, pray for them without any judgement, have a need to be around and healed by someone with Empathy ? There are 5 different types of Empathy: Cognitive Empathy, Emotional Empathy, Compassionate Empathy, Somatic Empathy and Spiritual Empathy. The saying “You could cut the atmosphere with a knife,” indicates we do not see the tension in the room but feel it. When we see someone in need of our time, while going about our day to day lives, we should reach into our box of Empathy and share it with them. A small amount of Empathy is enough medicine to change the upset someone feels inside to a smile.