February 26, 2019

Can creatures of habit change?

Otello Calvert, 23

We are the results of our surroundings, and we have the ability to control our them. But a lot of the time, we don’t, we become creatures of habit, and often they are unhealthy. This film explores mind and matter, how our environment and eating habits reflect in the mind and what that does to us.
With the allegory of the mythological Scottish Br├╣naidh, or Brownie, two creatures of habit clash. One a depressed and monotone dirty human, and the other an OCD mythical creature we never see, only the result of its need for cleanliness and good food. Myths teach us so much about ourselves and how to be healthy, and they’re becoming forgotten in charity bookshops and attic boxes. Ramen is a reminder that we have always had an awareness of how our surroundings affect our mentality and the benefits of maintaining healthy standards. Inspired by Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki and his love for fantasy and nature, and Pixar’s beautiful short films intended to inspire and teach us something about ourselves, Ramen encapsulates a part of Scotland’s story culture that virtually doesn’t exist on the screen, and it’s so important that it does because of its mental health awareness.


Highland Legacies: https://vimeo.com/284588744
Beatha: https://vimeo.com/303993276