SilkMultitude of bodies, 202030x42cm

Combining my chronic health conditions with my craft research provides stability and creates method for active subjectification; observing, analysing, and interpreting myself as a domain of knowledge and biopolitical understanding. When creating linkages between body, material and language, my craft practice concerns itself with vulnerability and the interrelations between us and other. Crossing metaphysics and philosophy to ontologically understand the very nature of things – their being, causes, or identities – I utilise different materials to think through the properties of, and relationships between, the non/human, in/visibility and the physical/digital. With a draw towards natural, ergonomic materials, I have been working with porcelain and silk for their contradictory ontologies. In/organic, both materials are presumed precious for their delicacy whilst actually being tenacious. Porcelain is inert and stable and whilst silk is weakened easily, it is capable of healing and stronger than steel. Both materials hold extraordinary potential to protect our bodies from outside threats: from nuclear waste to bullets. Crafting close encounters with the delicate materials provides an understanding of their elusive strengths. With new comprehensions, my practice returns physical and mental energy; capable of locating, grasping and installing stability.