January 31, 2020

Can craft help us come to terms with loss?

Kate Morton, 29

Grief is uniquely personal and simultaneously a universal experience. “Tokens of Remembrance” documents my personal journey with grief but also serves as an invitation to interact with the work and take a moment for quiet contemplation. This collection of enamelled copper tokens and roll printed silver, forms a series of tangible memorials to absent friends. I created a series of tools to explore mark making which allowed me to process my thoughts creatively. I found the act of mark making greatly therapeutic, and almost meditative. Working with enamel allowed me to capture these fleeting patterns and textures in a more permanent material to create lasting mementos. Talking about my creative process and my work has opened a dialogue with others about their own experiences with loss, or how they came to terms with it. I found that having something visual and tactile allowed people the space to begin a conversation about an emotionally difficult topic. I hope that they found holding a token in the palm of their hand to be as comforting and healing as I do.

Tokens of Remembrance, 2019Vitreous Enamel, Copper, Silver, Thread.50cm x 60cm x 14cm