SilkLoose Gatherings, 2020Variable

By creating and expanding concepts of being, I employ narrative and auto-theoretical approaches to my craft practice to decentre concepts of the unified and stable self.

My methodologies portray freedom and materialise resistance when questioning notions around the unresolvable contradictions between self/other and the discrete/distinct. Holding concerns on the un/known and un/predictable aspects of being in an ailing world and body, I seek a cathartic meeting place between body and material.

Lived experiences and memories are crafted in natural materials to establish kinships with them; using digital photography, printing and craft processes, I redirect my embodied concerns and imagine getting closer to, or merging with, sensitive materials that obscure robust natures.

‘Loose Gatherings’ is a series of textile images that each centre and manipulate different aspects of my anatomy. Instead of applying silk to the body for optimisation, I create a synthesis through the application of digital and craft processes.

This reversal facilitates the de/construction and re/positioning of body, material, image and colour. Considering the multitude of beings and cultures that inform our permeable selves, I adapt traditions of needlework and textile printing to offer a meditative and intuitive expression of the way different diseases touch or threaten my body.