January 29, 2020

Can colour reveal, not only an imaginative, visual text, but offer a kinetic, immersive experience?

Pauline Flannery, 62

I took a random structure, such as a word, to explore colour. Expression was not shaped by the word, but by the white background. The appearance of colour suggested patterns and compositions to create original, abstract work, with energy. As a methodology its importance lies in consciously creating ‘in the moment.’ Work was completed in a single session or over a series of days: I have produced over 110 drawings, A4 size, since August 2019. I scaled-up to A2 canvas size, to see if the work kept its intensity; it did. The poem, ‘A window in Rajasthan,’ was created in response to a series of prints by Cecilia Evans. It covers the day’s cycle, as a woman looks out from behind the diamond-shaped patterned windows, hidden from view and visibility. I wanted to explore the kind of images she might ‘see’ in her imagination, stimulated by sensory prompts linked to the natural history of Rajasthan and its distinct colours; despite the woman’s restrictions. From these positions – abstract design, abstract poem – a single idea emerged: is it possible to develop these further into an art/performative installation?

A Window in Rajasthan, 2020Sharpie on A4, Design: Text A4A4 for both