April 18, 2020

Can binge watching Netflix give insight and increase overall empathy towards the autistic person?

Nicky Murray, 26

Recently I was so inspired by a Netflix show called ‘Atypical’ that I decided to write, record, and release a single about it. The song (like the show) gives insight into the life of an autistic youngster (named Sam) in the form of a comedy/drama. It shows his tribulations, the pros and cons of his ‘condition’, and reveals the unique and intricate dynamics between each member of his family and how they co-exist with Sam. Personally, I think the show increases compassion and empathy towards to the autistic experience by holding it in the many lights that they do. It is my hope that the song does this too. I tried to capture this in my song with each important character in the show having a verse/chorus each. It considers the relationships between them from the point of view of Sam. It covers his perception of these relationships; the closeness that he needs from his best friend, his romantic yet unattainable love for his therapist, the love of his sister, parental love, etc. all experienced by him in a unique way and how everyone must learn his own language. I self-released the song on Spotify etc. on 17th April 2020.

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