April 30, 2020

Can anything stop the final word being love?

Debra Hall | Philip Day, 66

Mixed mediaCan anything stop the final word being love?, 2020

There are lots of things in the world that seem able to stop Love in its tracks. We are living through a time when all over the world, to varying degrees, death is in the room. Last year climate emergency and mass extinction flooded our lives and psyches, now Coronavirus. My husband and I have found many silver linings in lockdown. The Earth is getting a chance to breathe and regenerate. Although our life was simple before we are putting down roots, even deeper into the things that matter most to us. Like us, our paintings and poetry have become closer. When we go to bed, they chat to each other, find mutual themes. They don’t want the world to go back to the way it was, either. Whether their starting point is a memory, a dream, a blackbird outside the window, ordinary marvels or simple moments of connection, whether literally as the final word or embedded in the fabric, they have agreed unanimously they want to land love in its many forms, with an eye on the ineffable.