November 17, 2020

Can anyone’s metal health ever get better in our society?

Ross Collins MacKay

A curation of written blogs, poetry and journal entries over a 4 year period.Healing - This is not a Memoir, 2020

Our western society is centred around archetypical redemption stories. It is woven so tightly into our nature through our Christian past that has created our laws, our seasonal cycle of death and rebirth and even the stories we tell ourselves over and again, from Harry Potter to Groundhog Day. But my personal mental health is messy, scatological and hard to comprehend within this narrative. My mental health journey is not a heroic arc with a satisfying ending, it is a continuum of constant healing. With this in mind, is our society failing us by creating a false concept of ‘getting better,’ that can never truly be achieved? Can we as individuals ever get better in a society that cannot comprehend mental health through its usual archetypical prisms? Are we forced into a cycle of mental health illness because our society is not equipped to deal with true transformation? Does our Western culture force us to be reborn back into the state of being that created our illness? And how, do we as individuals within our society, break from that mould while still supporting our families and sustaining ourselves? How do we earn cash when our jobs are making us sick?