Derwent Graphite PencilsEureka!, 2021A5

I believe the answer to that question is YES. I didn’t go to Art school, I have no formal qualifications to say I can draw, I didn’t even sit my art exam (long story…). Despite this, In December 2020, I bought myself a set of graphite pencils and set out on a mission to teach myself how to draw in lockdown. I wanted to learn realism and my aim was to draw a portrait. This Einstein drawing represents my ‘eureka’ moment when everything I had learned came together and I finally drew a portrait I was proud of. People say, “You’re so talented.” I appreciate that, but I don’t believe it. My belief is that anyone can draw with practice, it’s the same with anything in life ,the more we learn, the more we practice, the better we get, it’s that simple. I’ll be 40 this year and had no clue I could draw like this, now I think what else don’t I know? Never stop learning!