October 20, 2019

Can anxiety/ bi polar disorder inform and feed into musical/ lyrical creativity?

Garry Meek, 42

This piece details a bus journey I took in the late 90s, while suffering from anxiety/ bi polar. The rhythm is circular to mimic the humming of the tune by the French girl. The lyrics make use of the imagery of the journey, and the thoughts and feelings that I had. I believe that music, either listening to, or creating, is a good form of therapy. Music has magic and, if done well, can make a feeling feel fresher than trying to recreate the experience in purely lyrical/ poetic form. Music captures the ephemeral moments that make up our days. Or the love stories, be it love of a person, or love of the infinite beauty of the world. Music is important to me, and after being sectioned for schizophrenia recently, I picked up the guitar to lift my spirits. Not being a good guitarist, writing and recording is a fight, but one that I know that with perseverance I usually win. In a world where people feel distanced from others, a simple piece of music is a unifying factor that bypasses the intellect, and goes straight to the heart.