FilmThe Green Dress, 2022

This short film is a heartfelt monologue between a grown woman and her younger self. As a child in an abusive family environment, she cannot protect herself, but in the timeline of her life, what she can do is revisit her younger self to protect her with words of support. Psychologically for the grown woman this offers her closure from her horrible past. To create this joining of present and past, I manipulated the sound of the audio to create a two-way conversation from the monologue, to make the words flow from present to past and from the past to the present, thus cementing this woman’s plea to her younger self. As an adult who suffered from childhood abuse there is nothing more disturbing than the memory of that time. To offer yourself support through psychological means as a protecting adult figure, even if it is only in your own mind, must be the most satisfying of processes.