April 30, 2020

Can an extrovert survive the lockdown and then the virus?

Christine Udhwani, 35

The coronavirus covid-19 disease started out as a distant and scary story that we would read about in the news. However in time, it got closer and closer to home. It was no longer just a story in the far east. It was a reality that hit our country and our city. The fear of the oncoming virus and of the lockdown caused extreme anxiety to everyone. Our minds and our bodies now had to prepare for something we never thought we would have to experience. Yet, even with all of the preparation, many people would end up contracting the virus. I was one of those people. And luckily I was on the of the lucky ones that made it through. I documented my fears, my pains, my anxiety, and my entire experience through my blog and I shared it with the world. Most importantly I shared how I got through it all.

Coronavirus Diaries, 2020