December 3, 2019

Can an affective metaphor for unrequitable desire or yearning be communicated whilst systems that limit access to the fulfilment of our hopes are questioned?

Rosie Roberts

16mm Black and White filmjust / only, 201916:9

‘Just / only’ is a black and white piece of artist moving image shot on a Bolex camera with 16mm recycled filmstock. The negatives were hand processed in caffenol, an environmentally friendly developer made from coffee and vitamin C. The film, which can be shown on a loop explores the failure of language to articulate desire, and touches on a feeling of intimacy often difficult to obtain when faced with mental instability. The hazelnuts documented in the footage act as a gentle metaphor for a structure that wants to be another structure, a small seemingly unremarkable object that has huge potential when nurtured. I am an artist, writer and filmmaker interested in synchronicity, particularly in relation to dichotomies regarding artist/artistic production. An aim of my work is to immerse both audience and maker in an experience which questions the overlapping of theory and intuition as methodological practice, both in creative work and everyday life. This questioning supports a strong commitment to building attentive and sensitive relationships, understanding that those we encounter are processing their work and lives as parallel to each other and that this may be extremely challenging in a myriad of seen and unseen ways.