January 21, 2020

Can a thought be empty?

Tumim & Prendergast, 57 | Christopher Prendergast, 57 | Matilda Tumim, 57

We are two artists working together on themes relating to home, wellbeing, belonging and, paradoxically, alienation. We research and explore these ideas using the built environment as a metaphor for the human condition. Our approach is more rhyme than reason and we are influenced by Surrealism. This small pen drawing is about the isolation and loss of control that we both experience in our everyday lives. It is one of a series of drawings from our project, Surreal Estate. Surreal Estate explores our preoccupation with all kinds of power relationships. In keeping with the Surrealist tradition, we begin each series of drawings and paintings by playing the pictorial game Exquisite Corpse (Consequences). Conversing through word and drawing we develop the thoughts and connections which are revealed through this surreal image-making method. Sometimes humorous or scurrilous or tragic or empty, all facets of life are experienced. Each folded drawing opens out to become a building and then in turn becomes a street. The random nature of the unfolded imagery symbolises loss of control for participants in a creative and positive way. This theme of control versus chaos is reflected in both the content and our methods of execution.

Can a thought be empty?, 2019Drawing on paper20cm x 20cm